About Us

Just Cause Market is a small platform to help not-for-profits, small businesses, and hobbyist to create a marketplace to get their brand, their message, and their potential products into the hands of their employees, members, family, and friends.  Most of these organizations only have a logo and possibly a Facebook page/group and maybe a website.  They don't have the resources to help with the design and creation of small promotional products for their organization and they are running on razor thin profits that standing up an online store (i.e. Shopify) with the monthly fees, the credit card transaction fees and the hassle of shipping makes the process cost prohibitive for the potential of 5-200 tshirt and coffee mug sales.

Just Cause Market decided to turn a hobby and passion into helping these organizations with no setup or design fee to their organization.  Just Cause Market makes a small fee on each of the products sold through our platform with no risk and no commitment from the on-boarded organization.

Just Cause Market has 3 core focus areas:

  1. To work with not-for-profits, small businesses, and hobbyist to provide a small online shop of tshirts, coffee mugs, bags, blankets, etc. to be able to offer these items for purchase through their channels of outreach.
  2. To increase our own personal charitable giving contributions to a variety of organizations that are personally important to us.  If you are interested in our priority organizations, please see our Charitable Causes page.
  3. To provide an online shop platform for our own products.  These products are listed on the main menu as "Our Products" or as "Just Cause Market Selections" under the "All Collections."

We hope you like what you see and will support us and support the organizations that we have on-boarded to our small shopping platform.