Charitable Causes

Our second goal listed on our About Us page is to increase our personal contribution to a number of causes that are personally important to us.  If you are interested in knowing the organizations we like to support, they include the following:

  • Woodside Bible Church - Our first priority in our charitable giving is to our local church.  We've been members of Woodside Bible for over 17 years and feel blessed that this organization has local and global priorities to help those in need - including a sponsored orphanage in Thailand and India, the Dream Centers of Michigan, Unshackled (human trafficking), and Shine On to name a few.
  • Dream Centers Michigan - When Dream Centers of Michigan was just a vision, our family helped step in to establish the Food Pantry to help with the basic needs in the Pontiac, MI community.  Since it's inception, the outreach has expanded to include additional locations and priorities.
  • Extreme Response - I got introduced to the CEO of Extreme Response nearly 15 years ago and their commitment to invest in the lives of vulnerable people around the world to help them break generational poverty is a worthy organization.  My wife has also been on several trips to Ecuador to serve and to help.
  • Crossroads Care Center - Although abortion can be a difficult or political topic, it doesn't have to be; especially for the young women that have chosen life for their unborn baby.  Crossroads Care Center provides many services that come alongside these young women; some that may have been abandoned by their boyfriend or family.  They provide healthcare, services, diapers, formula, etc. at no cost to these young women.
  • All Worthy of Love - I've been involved in AWOL for the last 6+ years, mainly through their annual fundraiser dinner.  Their focus is in the human trafficking and outreach to the men and women that are trapped "enslaved" in street prostitution.
  • Amazima - I first learned about Katie Davis from her book, Kisses From Katie.  I just fell in love with her story, her mission, and her focus in Uganda.  I really can't put it into words, but if you read her first book, I think you will understand why I feel compelled to support her and love on the people of Uganda.  Not related to Amazima, but my son also did a humanitarian trip to Uganda so it holds a special place in our hearts.

If we aren't compelled to help those that are making a difference in our local communities or globally, what are we here for?  These are the organizations that we try to support with our charitable giving - time, money, and story sharing.

Whether you purchase a product from us or not, I would like to encourage you to support the above organizations if you are looking for an organization to support.