In full transparency of the FREE Shipping and NO TAX, we elected to make the ordering process extremely simple and built the costs of shipping and tax into the product... these costs are paid directly to our supplier and our supplier charges Just Cause Market the shipping, the handling, and the tax for the product.

Depending on which product you may purchase, there are different shipping and handling costs associated with such product (i.e. a shirt is $3.99 while a coffee mug is $6.99 and a jacket or hoodie is $6.50).  This shipping and handling model gets extremely complex depending on the number of products and types of products our customers may order.

Instead of creating complexity for our customers, we created a pricing model that incorporates the shipping and handling at a 6% tax rate (if your state charges a higher tax rate, our profit margin is reduced).

Our ultimate goal is to ensure happy customers and to ensure we are good stewards towards our government policies, requirements, and regulations.