Fundraising Opportunities For Your Organization

Just Cause Market would love to work with you on your fundraising goals and initiatives.  We would be happy to create a number of items and artifacts that are specifically targeted at your initiative.  As an example, shirts are extremely popular and we have two example scenarios that could be used for your organization.

Example Concept

Due to the devastation from the Australian Wildfires, we are working through a shirt design that could be used to raise money for one of the local Australian organizations to assist with their efforts to save the various animals that have been impacted by the wildfires.  We decided to call the effort "Save the Koalas" and set the price of the t-shirt to $30.

Save The Koalas Fundraiser TShirt

We would work with you and your organization to create a similar item for your cause or effort and then put the item in your collection as well as our special fundraisers collection.  We'll also look to create your item as a featured item for a set period of time.

Below includes to example scenarios on how we could structure the order taking.

Example Scenario One

Just Cause Market will orchestrate everything.  Once we decide on the design of the shirt (or other item), we will work with you to set the price and the dollar amount that will be donated to your organization.  A typical example would be to set the price of the t-shirt to $30 and with each shirt purchased, $5 will be donated back to your organization.

Just Cause Market will take care of everything.  All of the individual orders, packaging, shipping, credit card transactions and fees, etc.  If we sell 500 t-shirts through this process, a $2,500 check will be sent to your organization.


  • Little to no work from you and your organization with the exception of promoting the item


  • Each order placed by an individual will have a shipping costs
  • The check will be mailed on last day of your campaign (i.e. if you want to hold the campaign from February 1 through March 31, you should expect a check appx one week after the campaign)

Example Scenario Two

Just Cause Market will work with you to create an order form and you will be responsible for collecting all of the orders and placing a single bulk order.  A typical example would be to set the price of the t-shirt to $30 and you would purchase the shirt at bulk price of $18.

If you sell 500 t-shirts through this process, you would collect $15,000 and place a $9,000 order (plus taxes and bulk shipping); keeping approximately $6,000.


  • More control over the process and direct interaction with your audience
  • More money towards organization with bulk pricing


  • Extra work by you or your members collecting orders and dealing with the money
  • Receiving a shipment of all shirts and then organizing the delivery

Where do you want to start?

We are open to other ideas and arrangements, so don't be hesitant to offer any suggestions.  Our primary goal is to help you and your organization meet your organizational goals and outreach.